Jetairfly // Fly around the world on Facebook

Jetairfly fans are on cloud nine: the airline just launched a highflying Facebook competition.


Who is FLEXUS media?

We’re your partner in offline & online reputation management.


Our advisory teams help large organisations, companies and key decision-makers build long-term relationships with press and public.

FLEXUS media knows how the traditional news media work. Our people have worked for many years in key positions behind the scenes of the news and the media. And this unique experience pays off. In a crisis situation, we limit the impact of bad news on your company. And in the case of positive news, we make sure that your story gets great exposure.

FLEXUS media is also especially active online, because today conversations about brands and companies take place where and when the consumer chooses. FLEXUS media develops an integrated social media strategy tailored to your brand or company. 

We monitor, dialogue and fine-tune accordingly. Your brand receives a voice and listens to the voices of customers, influencers and stakeholders.


Brantano // Brantano’s New for Old initiative

One small step for man, one giant leap for Brantano. An innovative online game further solidifies the shoe brand’s digital reputation.


Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring is not just about choosing the right tools.

It’s about getting the right information.

FLEXUS media helps brands and organisations listen, measure, monitor, and analyse their presence on the social web. We provide valuable reports and insights that are easy to understand and implement...


Crisis communication

One negative report in the media can overturn your carefully constructed reputation.

The consequences can make themselves felt for years. Negative news coverage can undermine your communication for a long time...